International Coconut Oil Conference
30-31 October 2023 - Lumire Hotel and Convention Center

Rethinking Saturated Fat, Boosting Coconut Oil-Linked Health

Welcome to the International Coconut Oil Conference 2023


The outlook for the coconut economy is exceedingly positive, as global demand for coconut -based products including coconut oil continues to increase over the next few years. All parts of coconut are beneficial which has led to  the recognition of the coconut as the tree life and energy. Coconut oil exhibits numerous biological properties, which have been validated in both in vitro and in vivo preclinical and clinical studies.  One of the most common warnings in dietary guidelines worldwide is to avoid saturated fat. However, there is no clear definition of what a saturated fat is. The current description of “saturated fat” does not distinguish between fats and oils, which are mainly triglycerides of fatty acids, and whole food items, which contain proteins and minerals and much lower amounts of triglycerides. Secondly, the current classification of saturated fat ignores the difference in the cholesterol content of vegetable oils and animal fats. The first definition of saturated fat was based on iodine values which does not give fatty acid composition. This classification is still used today by various dietary guidelines. The use of solid fat as a defining property of saturated fat is based on the melting of a fat at room temperature. This is not scientifically precise. These challenges could reduce the opportunities of local and global community to fully benefit from the market opportunities.

Despite the utility and widespread use of coconut, the industry must overcome several obstacles to profitability including but are not limited to low coconut production and fragility in coconut-product supply-chains.  The first ISCC theme focused on food products will be followed by other invaluable themes of energy-based and non-food based products in the following years. This conference is a vital initiative and the utmost importance platform for knowledge and technology sharing as bases for the formulation of strategies and policies to achieve a sustainable and resilient coconut sector. 

Theme: Rethinking Saturated Fat, Boosting Coconut Oil-Linked Health


  1. To formulate strategies and policies in facing global challenges in coconut oil perception and management to strengthen food security.
  2. To formulate action plans for each stakeholder in order to increase productivity, meet the fulfilment of global market demands, and strengthen the vegetable oil supply chain.
  3. To establish a network of clinical scientists and medical doctors that would pave the way for collaborative research by  identifying knowledge gaps that would require conclusive studies to be conducted.
  4. To promote the health attributes of coconut oil and its multifunctional roles.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To initiate a move to change the food labelling practices: a. to remove the association between Saturated Fat and Trans-fat; and b. to  advocate the change from Saturated Fat to a separate listing of: MCFA and LCFA
  2. To gather all of the evidence to support this change in the food label and propose experiments (in vitro, in vivo, and human and clinical studies) that will clearly differentiate Saturated Fat from Trans-fat and MCFA from LCFA. 
  3. To develop a strategy to differentiate natural animal and vegetable MCFA, LCFA, and SFA from man-made trans-fats.

Expected Outcomes :

  1. Strengthened coconut oil industry for food security
  2. Sustained and resilient coconut sector development
  3. Innovations and technology to strengthen and stabilize the supply chain

Conference Focus:

  1. Coconut Oil and Saturated Fat: Facts and Misconception in the Dynamic World
  2. Coconut Oil for Health and Nutrition: Lauric Acid and Ketones
  3. Coconut Oil and Food Security
  4. Enhancing Sustainable Supply Chain Dynamics.

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